We find ourselves in an age of reckoning. Confronted by our past failures, the predictions of an environmental ‘Armageddon’ no longer seem extreme.

We believe that it was human ingenuity that got us into this mess, and that human ingenuity will be required to get us out of it.

We need radical change. But where will change come from, and who can lead the way?

Throughout the series we sit down with radical thinkers to talk about the most important task of the modern age, and how the choices we make now will need to have a profound impact on the future of the planet.

Arielle Assouline-Lichten, Founder of SLASH OBJECTS. An award-winning design studio based in New York, their work is rooted in a fascination with materials and how they are brought together.

My work at Slash is to question what materials we value in society and to reassign them new meanings through the power of visual culture.

Steve Tidball, Co-Founder of VOLLEBAK. An experimental apparel brand that uses science and technology to make the future of clothing happen faster.

You have to make stuff that lasts longer than people. Go back through the bin and remake stuff. Make stuff that nature sorts out when you're finished.