Steve Tidball

  • Ultra Endurance Athlete & Co-Founder of Vollebak
Steve Tidball

2021. An age of reckoning, confronted with our past failures where the ‘Armageddon’ predictions are now a stark reality. We believe that it was human ingenuity that got us into this mess, and it will be human ingenuity that gets us out of it. We need radical change, but where will change come from? and who can lead the way?

Today we are talking about FOREVER® with Steve Tidball, Founder of Vollebak. The experimental apparel brand that uses science and technology to make the future of clothing happen faster. Steve co-founded Vollebak with his identical twin brother Nick in 2016 and they are on a quest to alter the perception of what clothing can be and should be. They believe humans are a frontier-based species always looking for a challenge to overcome and that radical periods of change can lead to the most incredible innovations.

I see us as a technology company and our current delivery mechanism is clothing.


You have to make stuff that lasts longer than people. Go back through the bin and remake stuff. Make stuff that nature sorts out when you're finished.


When we started doing these ultra races I realised how physically and mentally soft I was.

Vollebak Extreme Discount Card

There's a fundamental connection between Startups and ultra-endurance sport. I recommend that founders run ultra-marathons because then you realise what hard actually feels like.

Vollebak Graphene

This is an amazing moment to be alive. We have the physical ability to destroy our own planet, and also settle Mars within 10 years.

Vollebak Deep Sleep

I’d be floored if in the next hundred years there isn't something that comes along that blows apart our understanding. I design for that future.

Vollebak Morpho

Someone is going to make those clothes for the future and it might as well be us.


You can find more on Steve at vollebak.com





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