We exist to create brands and products that are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.

Founded in 2020 by creative entrepreneurs Tom Evans and Nic Dray, BEHAVIOUR® is changing the way brands and creative companies work TOGETHER, using business as a FORCE for GOOD. We only work with brands and people we BELIEVE in.

We do things DIFFERENTLY and work more COLLABORATIVELY, avoiding excess process and partnering with the very best talent to create STRONGER ideas in a more EFFICIENT, more AGILE way.

We have three principles: 1. ELIMINATE BUREAUCRACY by building a small and experienced team. 2. WORK FAST by establishing a deeper understanding of the challenge. 3. USE TECHNOLOGY to facilitate collaboration and maximize efficiency.

We build partnerships of longevity and COMMITMENT, through dialogue, determination and consistent delivery.


Research + insights
Business strategy
Brand strategy
Category Definition
Naming + Nomenclature
Tagline development
Brand Narrative
Visual identity
Tone of voice
Image direction
Brand systems
Motion design
Campaign + content
Product design
Packaging Systems
Ux + ui
Web + app design
BEHAVIOUR® are highly experienced, not only in brand strategy and design but in entrepreneurial thinking, which allows for an extra layer of insight. their solutions are elegant, thoughtful and well designed. they think through the systems at play in the market, and how all elements of a brand are interconnected in producing ideal results.
Founder - New York
BEHAVIOUR® was founded on the principle that actions speak louder than words. Our purpose is to unite creative, cultural, societal, and commercial progress to advance humankind. Our values guide our culture, the work that we do, and who we work with. Today, the most vital asset a business can have is imagination, and the ambition to realise it. But ambition is nothing without action. Our role is to help set the ambition, and ensure tangible progress is made against realising it. Our own ambition is to have an impact on your business, and then by working together, to have an impact on the world. And we’re not alone. We are part of a global community of like-minded enterprises, dedicated to bettering themselves and the planet, redefining how business can be a force for good.
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